About Us



We would NOT be a museum piece; handled with white gloves, collecting dust behind glass in a case.

We are the bag that has been to Studio 54.

We’ve travelled the world over again and should have more stamps than a passport.

We’ve been thrown in overhead bins and left in cabs.

We’ve spent sleepless nights at tattoo parlors and countless hours at the corner palm-reader.

We’ve been to one too many music festivals and had one too many iced coffees spilt on us.

We’ve collected enough memories to write a tell-all.

We have stories to tell, places to be and people to see.

At TNYC, we crave authenticity, originality and raw passion. We want you to feel like yourself but with a badass new bag or accessory that helps tell your own story like so many before you. WE ARE INSPIRED BY THE MOVERS & SHAKERS; THE ONES WHO ARE PUSHING THE LIMITS TO BRING A LITTLE LIGHT-HEARTEDNESS TO THE NEW YORK CITY FASHION SCENE.

When you buy with Treasures, you are buying into a lifestyle. You are buying into the idea that vintage items can live to tell crazy stories over and over through their lifespan. You are buying into the opposite of everything luxury fashion has made you think you need to be because quite frankly, you’re perfectly weird the way you are. OUR GOAL IS TO REDEFINE LUXURY BY BRINGING THE EDGE BACK TO HIGH FASHION.

At Treasures, we love to “collect”.

Whether it’s bags, accessories, jewels, people, stories . We’ve made it our mission to help you start your own collection- whatever that means to you.

Let’s keep it weird....