The Treasures Clubhouse is your chance to shop the Treasures vintage collection in real life.

Tucked away in Soho, this is our lil' corner of vintage heaven.

By appointment only. 

We release appointments one month at a time via our website + app. New appointments are released at the end of each month for the following month.

We send out an email/text notification prior to the appointments dropping.

Each appointment is for a 1 hr Clubhouse shopping 'experience' for up to 4 people.


Don't want 2 wait til next month 2 shop our collection?



EVERYONE! and we mean everyone is welcome to join the '69 club'.

the Clubhouse was created as a means for our online shoppers who are typically a lil online-purchase shy to come shop our collection IRL, try-on + see the item(s) they have been eyeing on our site.

we do ask that the appointments are reserved for serious shoppers only. at this time, we are not booking content-creation sessions so we ask that if ur only intention is to create content at this time to please refrain from booking one of the limited appointments available!

sorry no pets so keep scruffy at home!

The Clubhouse is what we have nicknamed our showroom.

It is basically our online collection (plus a few in-person exclusives) that we offer visitors to shop in the flesh! Each appointment is basically a 1 hour private shopping 'experience' for up to 4 people.

It is NOT someones "closet". It is NOT a museum (although we think it is...). It is NOT a content-creation opportunity (sorry!). It is our lil vintage "home" if you will.

So with that being said, same rules apply here as they do at your grandma's house ;)

that's our lil (soho) secret....

when u book an appointment, we will send you an email/text confirming our exact address.

PS- if u DO happen to find us + show up without an appointment, we will have to politely decline your visit.

we release shopping appointments one month at a time.

a lil insider tip: they are typically dropped the last week of every month for the following month.

be sure to sign-up for our email/text club to be notified of the drops.

if u didn't get an appointment this month, be sure to sign-up for our waitlist to be notified of any cancellations!

do u mean why NOT?!

it is sometimes hard to show all of our personality behind a phone/computer screen SO...the creation of the clubhouse was our in-person manifestation of what we have been doing online since 2017!

a chance to share with people who we are, what we believe it + our curated vintage collection but IRL. not to worry, if u are anti-social, u can always still shop w/ us online (we get it...).

we are a very small company + this is our passion. we love what we do + can only hope u all do to.

when booking ur appointment, we require a credit card as a HOLD.

Why do we call it a hold? Well, if you show up for ur appointment, there is no charge to visit.

If u chose just not to show (rude) OR cancel prior to the 24 hour cancellation/reschedule deadline, u will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.

we know, we know...this kind of stuff really sucks but please understand that it is unfair to waste an appointment that could have been given to someone on the waitlist!

Your credit card is also kept on file (in a super-secure, encrypted techy vault so don't worry) in case of any incidentals, damages, etc that occurs during ur visit. shit happens...

not to worry, it is automatically deleted once ur appointment concludes.